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Jenn is a fantastic trainer. Jenn makes every workout fun to do. She really listens to her client’s needs and what they want out of the workouts. She customizes every workout to your capabilities. So even with an injury you can still workout. I have lost(never to be found again LOL ) many inches working with Jenn. My clothes fit better and I feel better. I have much more endurance and strength now. I actually like and look forward to my workouts with Jenn. She is amazing !!!
Jina – Queensbury

Jenn is a great trainer. She is a positive, motivational, upbeat, happy person. Jenn makes every workout unique and specific for your body. She has been working with my husband for 6 months and he has seen great results so far. Jenn has instilled the need to exercise daily and eat well for his health. I am grateful to have met Jenn and worked with her. Jenn is also a great source of health information.
Lauren – S. Glens Falls

Jenn Benson is the epitome of a personal trainer – she is enthusiastic, supportive and she knows what she’s doing. Her marketing concept is brilliant because none of us have the time (or inclination) to get to the gym. The workouts are tailored to the individual and works with those strengths and weaknesses. I highly recommend Jen Benson and think she is awesome as a trainer and a person!
Mary Ellen – Saratoga Springs

After having my third baby, I had some serious weight to lose. My sister was working out with Jenn and highly recommended her. She came to my house, set some goals and designed workouts around what I enjoyed doing most. With her help I have lost 15 pounds! I LOVE working out with her. She’s fun and encouraging, but must of all she challenges you. She takes the time to really know her clients and truly cares about your progress. Stop looking-you’ve found your trainer!!
Jen – S. Glens Falls

I knew I wanted to start getting in shape for a race I was doing with my husband but knew I was not a fan of gyms. I contacted Jennifer Benson and loved her enthusiasm and high energy! She really listened to what I wanted to accomplish and tailored my workouts to my ability and skill level! Jennifer checked in with me daily and was always supportive and encouraging!! My time with her was always fun and therefore didn’t feel like “work”. I have stuck with my new healthy lifestyle a lot in part because of Jennifer! She is an amazing person and truly cares about her clients. I am blessed to call her my trainer but more importantly my friend!
Julie – S. Glens Falls

Jenn is really great, she is the best part of my fitness regime. Like my own personal cheerleader, rooting me on, letting me know not to give up. She’s also extremely knowledgeable and up to date with the latest nutrition and the most effective workouts tailored to the individual. I really felt like she was focused on me and my fitness goals without trying to sell me on anything other then being a healthier happier me.
Janeen – Glens Falls

I consider Jennifer Benson to be in a class all her own when it comes to her commitment to her client and her business. Rarely do you run into someone who is so genuinely invested in helping you accomplishing your goals. She makes sure your workouts are both fun and productive. She respects you enough to be on time and ready to go. She listens to me whine all the while quietly keeping me on task, and no matter how many times I’ve told her I hate her with the passion of 1000 suns for those wretched jump squats she keeps smiling and keeps pushing me to do better. And when I think she couldn’t do anymore she checks on us to make sure we have not over done it and tailors the next session on our feedback. My wife and I have 3 young children and money is always an issue but her pricing is reasonable and she is worth every cent!! Jenn is the consummate professional at what she does and there is no need to look further for a personal trainer.
Darryl & Kim – Glens Falls

Jenn is a wonderful personal trainer. She has motivated me to exercise more often. She came up with an exercise program that is perfect for my needs and abilities. I am very comfortable with Jenn. She is very nice and understanding.
Cindy – Saratoga Springs

I will be honest…I’ve never been one of those people who ENJOY working out. I lacked the motivation and I really had no clue where to begin. But after meeting Jenn , and her setting up the perfect workout for ME and MY needs, I realized getting healthier could be a lot of fun, even at home ( she’s shown me tons of great exercises to do at home with simply items). I feel Jenn is VERY knowledgable in what she does! The combination of her knowledge , professionalism , and personality are the PERFECT mix to getting me healthier and having a great time doing it.
Jen – Ft. Edward

I love the fact Jenn custom designed a program just for me, you continue to bring new exercises to each class (so i don’t get bored) and your follow up is fabulous. It’s nice to get a text about how i’m feeling after a work-out and the weekend challenges help me stay motivated over the weekend.
Avon – Wilton

Wow, Jenn is incredible! The whole concept of what she provides has inspired me to become fit again. It’s convenient, energizing and completely customized to my needs and my schedule. She challenges me to be better and to give it my all, all while being a source of positivity and encouragement every step of the way. She is well-versed in fitness and it shines in the results for sure! I certainly recommend her to anyone who is ready to start a fitness program and is unsure of where to begin. They will find it empowering and life-changing!”
Crystal – South Glens Falls

“Jenn is the BEST!!! She is very friendly, supportive, knowledgeable and motivating. I always look forward to working out with her. She makes working out fun with different types of challenging exercises. Whenever I need a little motivation Jenn is always there. The challenges and inspirational quotes she gives helps me stay on track throughout the week. I am very determined to get in shape and Jenn helps keeps that determination alive.”
Jess- Queensbury

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