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Custom Fitness Questionnaire

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How would you describe your current activity level?

How would you describe your current eating style?

Do you count calorie intake or output?

Do you have any equipment at home?

Stability ball


Resistance bands

Mat (Yoga, Pilates)


Stationary bike


Medicine ball



List other equipment

Would you prefer to workout with or without equipment?

Do you plan on purchasing any new equipment? If so, what?

Do you exercise regularly? If so, how often?

What do you do for exercise?

How many days per week can you commit to exercise?

Do you have or plan on obtaining a gym membership?

How many minutes per day can you commit to exercise?

How much sleep do you usually get? (Hours)

Do you drink 8-10 glasses of water each day?

Do you get bored easily?

List a few hobbies:

Are you or would you like to train for any events? Example: 5k, 10k, fun run, obstacle course races, walk, bi-athlon, sporting events etc.?

What are your goals in terms of fitness, health, body shaping, strength, weight loss, stress reduction, energy enhancement, and taking responsibility for your well- being?

What made you decide to sign up for a fitness program?

Do you play any organized or recreational sports?

What are they?

Would you like weight and measurements, photos taken?

How hard are you willing to work on a scale of 1-10? (1 being very easy and 10 being pushed to the maximum)

Have you had any injuries in the past 12 months? If so, what were they?

What style (if any) do you prefer?
Circuit style workoutsWeight lifting/strength trainingYoga/PilatesStretchingFunctional trainingBalance trainingTRX Suspension trainingTabataHigh intensity Interval training (HIIT)Step aerobicsAqua exerciseA combination of allI do not have a preferenceOther

If you had a personal trainer or fitness program in the past:

What did you like best?

What didn't you like?

Were you happy with your results?

What fitness/nutrition programs have you tried in the past that worked for you?

What fitness/nutrition programs have you tried in the past that did not work for you?

Do you prefer face time or online videos of the exercise demonstrations, or would you prefer a live demonstration?

Would you prefer text, e-mail, or phone calls for weekend challenges, weekly inspirations, or any Travel 2U Fitness communication?

What times /days would be best to schedule your training sessions?

What genre of music would you prefer on your workout playlist?